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The Story of the Prophecy

Post  Elohir on Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:21 pm


Prophecy is now almost 1 year old. It has been created from 2 clubs wich are Skyocean & Conspiracy.

I think we can be proud of this result and especially proud of its true Master who is Erik (Safe).
The philosophy we try to follow since the beginning suggests member to help each other to improve skills in having fun.
In simples word : don't worry about loosing or else, just play, smile, joke and improve !

1 year is a long time and of course a lot of different things changed around this place. Various people joined or left us. The forum has been updating several times, and the club has been in the top 3, even 1st in the Top league for a long time...

But, in last march, we have had some problems and we lost many members but most important we lost ourselves. The "family's" philosophy had been forgotten... the club was dying...

Nevertheless, thanks to the master and other loyal members, the club finally came back to life !

Nowadays, our atmosphere is good again, and even if important members left us, new friends joined and some loyal members are still amoung us. The Prophecy's spirit still lives !

Of course, we are living a new era and most of us know that we need changes to go forward : the 1st generation is done and must let its place to the new one.

So, changes are actually being made. Our club is going to show a new face but don't be fooled. Prophecy will remain Prophecy forever ! I remind you that we are more a family that a club and I will do my best to keep it in everybody's mind.

Let me introduce you our new team :

Master (substitute) : C├ędric aka Elohir
Subs :
- Nicole aka xNici
- Arthur aka JilSander/AnnaLou
- Sam aka Strik0r

I wish Prophecy a long life and I hope we are going to have fun all together for a while !

Mo Feb 21, 2011
It's time for Prophecy to get some rest. Since october 2009, this club has known a lot of adventures but now, the time has come for our sweet club to sleep a bit...

I thank you all the loyal members we have had since the beginning and all our friends from various clubs.

It was a very nice time... but life goes on and our members wil now fly by themselves in the FT community. I hope that you will all remember Prophecy as a good and nice club, one of the best in FT for sure !

Our forum will stay opened and some members will stay here as guardians of the spirit of Prophecy. Let's say they will be like VIP members


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