My time´s come too ...

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My time´s come too ...

Post  Yulivee on Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:16 pm

Heyho Clubbies,
i copied to here that our trial´s can read it too ^-^

Im a lil bit sad to write that cause i stay here for a long time and i felt well the whole time ..
More or less my feel was ever .. it cant give a better club than Prophecy .. and i think its true.
Prophecy is a gr8 club with very average , friendly and nice players which are rlly rlly gr8.

But smth changed for me .. the atmosphere changed very hard and prophecy is now on the point,
that he doesnt need me anymore ... as member or submaster.
Hes strong now .. and have a lot of new players who will do all for that club and so i can go withoug a
crying heart.
And i want go since a longer time. I thought about a lot and a very long time .. i was on the point to leave very often
but ive never did .. cause of a few espiacelly members and i liked my submasterjob. hehe .
But now i reached the finally point .. i cant stay longer .. Dont be disappointed too much.

So i wanna say smth to a few players personally.

Saferxde; Ty that u trusted in me as u gave me the sub .. i hope i didnt disappointed u that much.

Elohir : THx for our gr8 front-training all the time ;D .. it was funny and i hope we can continue it still

HolzHose : my lovely mate .. u knew already that i will leave and a big ty for the gr8 time .. u was the mainreason for my long stay here

Niub : U was always there for me if i needed u and tried to push me up if was down. We learned to be a gr8 team and i want say Ty and sry
that i disappointed you. U was too one of my mainreasons to stay longer in Prophecy.

NeiGi : i like u neigi .. and we had some gr8 matchs but i loved our chat´s ;D .. so ty too

olimbeau : u did a lot for me and with u i played my first final-match in clubmatch against effect .. ty too

ScheissTussi : i know u a long time and as i teached u back u teached me front in the same time ;D .. we can continue if u want

KRabba : our skype-time was gr8 .. we had a lot to laugh ;D <3 it was funny

Cola : same for u ;D ur my husband in future so i think .. we will stay in contact ;D

so .. my dears .. feel free to add me ingame .. if it doesnt work . tell me .. my fl .. is just full . i will delete someone for u ;D
I love u still all .. and im sry ^^

Have still a nice time .. and i see ya ig
Greets and kisses

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Re: My time´s come too ...

Post  Tonix on Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:20 pm

hmm ... You forget me !! Sad
Anyways I hope you still have fun in game. Good Luck in real life Razz

P.S. I hope Prophecy is still stronger even though you don't have us now. Take Care Cool

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.
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