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Prophecy's recent activity

Post  Elohir on Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:14 pm

I just post a message for eventual ex-members who would pass here.

Some ex-members came to me for joining the club with a char or their main, 1 by 1.
Finally I've decided to accept some ex-members who cared and were good for the club. Don't even try to join before considering that point. But if you think you deserve a place, please be my guest !

Prophecy will remain a place where this kind of people will ever be able to join or leave whenever they want. The door will stay opened for them.
You can see that as a country house, a calm place where you can rest whenever it pleases you.
It can be usefull for those who are almost inactive or those who seek a good place before joining another club, more active, etc...

Don't understand I have re-opened the club. It's still close for other people.

For now, at this day, the following people came back with at least 1 char :

- OoCocaColaOo
- Yosephine / Akalii
- xKimi
- Woody
- Niub
- Neigi
- Takeshii
- JansonButton aka Woww
- MartinP
- Torop

Anyway, I must admit that it's good to be again with these friends, OMG, what a nostalgy

Cya soon maybe.

PS : you can check the list of Prophecy members available in each section. I use to update it.


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