xAkashax tries to join again D:

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Re: xAkashax tries to join again D:

Post  xAkashax on Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:32 pm

PoseWanKenobi wrote:
xAkashax wrote:
Elohir wrote:We have had a long discussion about you and we finally decided to reject your application since we think you are not ready for the club for now.

We hope you will find a place wich suits you well.


I changed my mind: i dont wanna know any reason of my reject. Bye bye.

Although you were rejected, you should be more respectful. We had a long discussion about you as Elohir said and it's very rude of you to say that it's strange that the time we spent trying to get to know you was a waste cause in the end you just insult us and say what we do is weird. You were one of the longest discussion topics but be happy that you got an answer. So please, a little respect, thanks Smile.

Lol , should i be happy that i've been the longest discussion of your topics?? Well , yes i'm rude but u've insulted me making ME waste my time on attending a 1 for this rejection. Anyways , u already knew that u'd reject me so i don't understand WHY making me waste my time . Did i insult u? Well , i feel insulted too by this answer. Now , byebye.

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Re: xAkashax tries to join again D:

Post  Saferide on Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:47 pm

You don't seem to understand that the discussion itself was about if we should accept you or not. If we already have our answer why would we wait?

But with this attitude you are showing us now it's pretty obvious we made the right one.

If you are not ready for an rejection wherever you apply, because it would be a waste of time, maybe you shouldnt apply at all.

Thanks for application see you in game.


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